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Natassa Pursey MSc (Psy) MBPS

Integrative Psychotherapy

"The purpose of Psychotherapy is to set people free"  Rollo May

About Me

I trained as an integrative psychotherapist under the psychiatrist Dr. Richard Meyer in the Ecole Européenne de Psychothérapie socio et Somato-Analytique, in Strasbourg where I received the “Diplôme de Psychothérapeute et Analyste Intégrative”.

I hold a First class honours BSc in Psychology, and a Masters of Science degree in Transpersonal Psychology where I wrote my dissertation on the midlife crisis.

I also have a diploma in Psychopathology, and I have been trained in Hypnosis in the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in London.

My main interests are the life transitions of adolescence and midlife and the difficulties that accompany these transitions.

I specialise in Eating Disorders having completed a Master practitioner Diploma in Eating Disorders and Obesity from the National Centre for Eating Disorders in London, of which I am the affiliate in Cyprus.

I believe the training of an Integrative Psychotherapist never ends and I continue to combine my practice with further training.

I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the Fédération Européenne de Psychothérapeutes, Psychanalystes et Psycho- Somatotherapeutes. I also hold the “Certificat Européenne de Psycho-Somatotherapeute pratiquant la Psychothérapie et l’ Analyse Intégrative”.