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Natassa Pursey MSc (Psy) MBPS

Ολοκληρωμένη Ψυχοθεραπεία

"The purpose of Psychotherapy is to set people free"  Rollo May

The warning signs of eating disorders


Significant weight loss

Cessation of menstruation

Complaining of being fat

Fad dieting with poor nutrition or becoming vegetarian

Continued dieting when a declared weight goal has been reached

Excessive exercise

Making a fuss if fat is on food

Moodiness/ impatience/ rudeness/ secretiveness

Social isolation

Intense fear of gaining weight

Excuses about eating elsewhere


Baggy clothes


Overeating without appearing to gain weight

Hoarding food

Going to the bathroom after meals

Air freshener in the bathroom

Showering or radio noise in the bathroom

Missing food, pretending its not them when asked

Denial that anything is wrong


Night bird behaviour

Finding wrappers

Weight fluctuations

Anxious to get people out of the way/out of the kitchen

Binge Eating Disorder

Always on /off diets

Going to diet ‘tomorrow’

Large weight gain

Depression and moodiness

Disappearance of food

Finding wrappers hidden under beds sofas etc

Erratic eating habits e.g. missing meals especially breakfast in one who used to eat breakfast


  • Excessive exercise, will not vary routine, cant miss a day
  • Reluctance to eat in front of others
  • Tearfulness and irritability
  • Obsession with scales
  • Touchy if food or diet is mentioned
  • Tactical vegetarianism or detoxing (orthorexia)